Savings and Credit Programme

NIRDA to activate the Women Groups to overcome their poverty, create capital for their income generation activities, first formed – SSPS:  Small Savings Promotive Scheme in 1990 before the concept development of Self Help Groups with a view to develop the habit of ‘Savings’ and utilized the ‘Group Savings’ for issuing ‘Credit to the Members within the Groups’. This programme was carried out from1993 to 1998.

One of the nodal agency of RMK in Dharmapuri - REDO provided the opportunity to adopt the ‘Self Help Group’ concept among the women groups formed in the villages.

RMK – Rashtria Mahila Kosh [National Women Fund], an agency of Department of Women Development, Government of India provided assistance to introduce the concept of Self Help Group among the women groups and form Self Help Groups.

Right Sharing of World Resource – USA came forward to form Federation among the Self Help Groups and a Federation – Muthukuvial is formed [Peal of Pearls].

Now the SHGs are functioning independently as they linked with the Nationalized and Cooperative Banks.