Promotion of Rural Sanitation

Open defecation is great a menace for environmental sanitation and community health in the rural areas. It causes for endemic diseases in the local areas and often for the spread of epidemic.

NIRDA with the assistance and support of The Consulate General, Federal Republic of Germany – Chennai constructed 10 seated Community Toilet at Separate – Sithayan Kottai.

RTU – Reaching The Un-reached – a Voluntary Organisation came forward to dig bore well and fix hand pump for the Community Toilet.

Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology provided assistance to undertake orientation training to the community for the proper use of the Community Toilet.

Non – Formal Education for the Working Children:

The rural poverty in 1980s and 1990s are more acute. To meet the family needs, not only the parents but also the children have work and earn the money for their bread.

NIRDA had undertaken a study of the ‘Behaviors of the Working Children’ in Athoor Panchayat Union. Even though the parents were eager to send the children to schools, in times of need they ask the children to go for work, but due to peer group attraction these children continue their wage earning process rather than go to school. The vicious circle of poverty as it exists in the family, the rural children are unable to break and join in the main streams of life – the school education. To contribute to the family needs they have to undertake income generating ventures at their tender age. But in course of time, as they become the master of their own earnings, they provide less to the family spend more for cinema and hotels. As the prohibition is lifted certain grown up children were trying for alcohol.