Net Work Programmes

NIRDA joined as active member in the net work –Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association – TNVHA.

TNVHA nominated NIRDA as the District Facilitating Centre for Prevention and Control of Anemia and Malnutrition in Dindigul District.

NIRDA in coordination with local NGOs had undertaken a Research cum Action Programme on Prevention of Anemia and promotion of health education.


NIRDA joined in hand with TNVHA – CA –EJAF [CA –Christian Aid, EJAF – Elton John AIDS Foundation] efforts on Elimination of Stigma and Discrimination on HIV/AIDS in Tamil Nadu. NIRDA works in Palani Region on this cause.

NIRDA, thus with the assistance and support of Central & State Governments and International Developmental Agencies, is undertaking programmes and projects in different parts of Tamil Nadu based on the local  needs, problems and  demands.