Age Care Services

The typical Family System in India was the Joint Family System, in this system the young are nurture and cultured properly and elders are properly taken care off. But in the changing social environment, the joint family system is disappearing, the young are unaided and elders are uncared. Though are numerous institutions are there for taking care of the young like crèche, kinder gardens the aged persons are uncared and they are suffering.

To minimize the sufferings of the elders, NIRDA developed a naval project for the elders ‘Income Generation for the Elders’. One hundred elders were selected in the villages where the non-formal centers are functioning.

Each elder was given four goats and they in turn have to donate four goats to another elder in the village.

‘Passing the Gift’ was named after to this project and it was continued till 2005 Due to the advancement age, severe drought and endemic disease was a great hindrance to this project. Now the elders in villages still expect.

To create an asset and have regular income, Help Age India came forward to provide assistance. The older persons in four villages were given 4 goats to rear.  The older persons who were sitting ideal became active bread winner of the society.

However the project still continues in the village with less number of elders.