About Us

NIRDA - NATIONAL INTEGRATED RURAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY the Voluntary Organization was formed by a group of students of Community Development in the year 1987.

The Two Year Post-Graduate study on Community Development at Gandhigram Rural Institute [Deemed University] Gandhigram – Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu provided an opportunity to understand the rural communities in India and learn the techniques and strategies for rural development.

The Philosophy

The Philosophy behind NIRDA’s work is that the people should actively participate in the developmental process that should contribute for the formation of socially just and equitable, economically development and progressive, politically participative and empowered and environmentally sustainable society.

The underprivileged, marginalized, vulnerable and minority communities should be empowered to achieve ‘this sustainable society’ by means of peaceful education, communication and motivation.

Our Activities

We are Working together with the rural community helped to assess the community needs and undertake need based programmes. The Social Animators Training Programme and Awareness Generation for Rural and Poor Women helped NIRDA to form Community Based Organisations,

  • Need Based Programmes
  • Savings and Credit Programmes
  • Total Sanitation Programme
  • Coordination with CAPACS
  • TNVHA – CA – EJAF AIDS Project

NIRDA Works On Diffetent Issues

Empowerment of Women
Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health
Stigma & Discrimative on STD-HIV-AIDS

NIRDA Works On Diffetent Traget Groups

PLAA HRG- volunerable Group
Minorities Dhaliths
Physically Challenged People
Youth,Women and Elders

NIRDA Works For

Green & Clean India
Drug & Tobocco Free Youth
Violence Free Society

NIRDA Promotes

Human Rights
Integrated Farming
Small Enterprises